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Land Use Changes in Dharmasraya District, West Sumatra, Indonesia Pertanika J. Trop. Agric. Sc. 41 (3): 1111 – 1124 (2018) 2018
2. What Is The Minimum Rubber Price to Stop Farmers Converting Old Growth Forest Into Shifting Cultivation? A Case Study From Pasaman District, West Sumatra Province, Indonesia Malaysian Journal of Applied Biology (MAB)

December 2017 Issue, Vol. 46(4).

3. Forest Ownership Conflict between a Local Community and the State: A Case study in Dharmasraya, Indonesia Journal of Tropical Forest Science (JTFS) (29) 2 2017
4. Gender Inequality and the Oppression of Women within Minangkabau Matrilineal Society: Case Study of the management of Ulayat forest land in Nagari Bonjol, Dharmasraya District, West Sumatra Province, Indonesia Asian Women

Autumn 2016, Vol. 32, No. 3, pp.


5. Collective Action through Synergy Local Institutions to Protect Agricultural Market European Journal of Social Sciences 2015
6. Impact of Flash Floods on a Matrilineal Society in West Sumatra, Indonesia Environment, Security, Development and Peace (ESDP) Vol. 21 2015
7. Characteristics of Forest Management Policy in West Sumatra, Indonesia. Multi-level Forest Governance in Asia: Concepts, Challenges and The Way Forward. 2015
8. The Rights of Indigenous Peole and Environmental Governance in Peninsular Malaysia. Living Landscape Connected Communities, Culture, Environment, and Change accross Asia 2014
9. Is there a Need for Legal Pluralism Movement in Malaysia? A Case of Jakun People and Their Right Over Natural Resources in Tasik Chini, Pahang State Legal Pluralism in Natural Resource Management, South and Southeast Asian Perspectives 2012
10. Southeast Asia Land and Resource Tenure Revisited (Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand) Manila: Southeast Asian Study Regional Exchange Program (SEASREP) Foundation /2005 Prosiding SEASREP’s 10th Anniversary Conference: “Southeast Asia, A Global Crossroads.” 8-9 December 2005 2005  
11. Community Forestry Movement in Thailand and Lesson for Indonesia  Prosiding  Commission on Folk And Legal Pluralism, Canada Congress 2004 “Law, Plural

Society and Social Cohesion”,

University Of New Brunswick, Fredericton, N.B., Canada/ August 26-29, 2004, 2004  
12. People, Natural Resources, and Poverty in Sumatra, Implication for Research and Curriculum, Prosiding International Seminar on Integrated Natural Resources Management with Special Reference to Sumatra and Workshop for Master’s Degree Curriculum Development Graduate Program and Center for Irrigation, Land and Water Resources and Development Studies of Andalas University, Padang 26 – 27 January 2004. 2004  
13. The Implementation of Donor-Driven Irrigation Management Decentralization Projects: Some Observations In West Sumatra Province, Indonesia

Dimuat dalam Digital Library of the commons

Indiana University, Workshop on Political Economy, 2003 2003  
14. Southeast Asia Land Tenure in Transition: Implication for Customary Laws  Cases from Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand

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Kathmandu: ICNEC. 2003. 2003  
15. Transition in Southeast Asia Land Tenure at Turn of 20th Century.  Monograph Padang: Center For Irrigation, Land and Water Resources And Development Studies, Andalas University, 2001 2001  

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